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#hufflepuff/slytherin friendships

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msdanconia asked: SLYTHERIN or HUFFLPUFF
Or perhaps in Slytherin. You’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.” 
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myth fashion

poseidon ;

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"I would pity those of you who dared to cross me."

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La Belle et la Bete + gowns

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make me choose ; asked Klaus Mikaelson or Rebekah Mikaelson

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"It’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright!”

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"My Pack."

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I hate math.

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Mom… I’m a vampire slayer.

#it only took like how many years to realize this is paralleling a coming out scene

Dylan O’Brien on set of The Maze Runner (x)

Dylan O’Brien on set of The Maze Runner (x)

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